925 Sterling Silver TURQUOISE Nugget 'SHEMAH' NECKLACE - Dark Brown String

$ 89.99

925 Sterling Silver TURQUOISE Nugget 'SHEMAH' NECKLACE - Dark Brown String

Women Fashion Jewelry- High quality hand made, with a large Sterling Silver round cut out 'Shemah Israel' blessing pendent supported by a Turquoise nugget hanging from a double dark brown double leather strap. 



Metal: Sterling Silver pendent and silver color metal

Length: 10"
Type: Fashion necklace

Gemstone: Turquoise 

Pendent Dimensions: 2"

Clasp: Lobster clasp

* Handcrafted in the USA

Please note

We recommend that you do not get them wet, to allow the beautiful jewel you purchased to stay as bright and vivid as the day you bought it.

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